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Automatic installation

Try the new FireStats installer! It can make your installation easier and faster.

Manual installation

1.6.7 Stable version

Download the archive and follow the instructions for your platform

The new RSS subscribers count in FireStats 1.6 is only available to people who have donated (WordPress only at the moment).
To gain access the new RSS subscribers count and widget, please donate.

You will receive an automatic email that will allow you to access additional features.


  • It is recommended to backup the FireStats tables before making a major upgrade (for example, 1.4 to 1.5), Especially if you are upgrading to a beta version on a live site.
  • The length of the database upgrade depends on the amount of hits in the database. it will take between a few seconds to a few minutes. if your upgrade was interrupted try again - FireStats will resume the upgrade from where it stopped.
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