FireStats can monitor access to MediaWiki installations.


  • Install FireStats somewhere on your web server as Standalone.
  • copy the file /integration/mediawiki/firestats-mediawiki.php into your MediaWiki extentions directory.
  • Edit firestats-mediawiki.php, change the require_once('/www/firestats/php/db-hit.php') to match your FireStats location
  • Edit MediaWiki LocalSettings.php file, add include("extensions/firestats-mediawiki.php"); (Not before the line require_once( "includes/DefaultSettings.php" ))
  • That's it! Your MediaWiki hits will now be monitored by FireStats.

Help needed

I am looking for a MediaWiki hacker that wouild like to improve the MediaWiki integration.
if you would like to take over the extention, please Contact me.

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